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Your Reliable 
Pet  Sitting Service

All Cats & Dogs Welcome

Take the worry out of leaving your pet behind with Prestige Dog Grooming. We understand that arranging holidays and short breaks away can be difficult when owning a pet. Contact Prestige Dog Grooming in Hollingworth, Hyde, today and see that your pet will be in excellent hands 

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Home From Home for your Pet

Making your pet feel at home

We offer a quiet environment for your pet to relax and feel at home. You’ll receive a friendly, personal service that’s catered for both you and your pet. 

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Happy and Relaxed

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Your  Pet Sitting   Services

Your Pet Sitting Services

Our professional pet sitting service allows you to make sure your pet is well looked after and put your mind at ease while you are away. 

  • Giving lots of love and attention

  • Providing meals and fresh water

  • Playtime

  • Going for walks

  • Giving medication, if needed

  • Doggy day-care

Here is the price list below:

  • Pet sitting for dogs - £20 per day

  • Pet sitting for cats and other small animals - £12 per day

  • Doggy day-care - £20 per day

cat with food

A Pet Sitting Service They Deserve

Professional Pet Sitting Advice

How to prepare your pet to be left behind 

  • Meet with the sitter and explain your dog's schedule

  • Bring familiar items from home such as dog treats to give to the sitter

  • If you can before going away leave your pet with the sitter for a day, so that they come familiar with the sitter and their environment

  • This might be hard not to do but don't worry about your pet they are in excellent hands and will still be enthusiastic to see you on your return.

What other services do Prestige Dog Grooming offer?

Big Poodle walking in the field

Dog Walking

Dog getting groomed

Pet Grooming

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Livery Services

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