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A Tailored Dog Walking Service

All Dogs Welcome

Is your dog home alone all day? Can your dog access the outdoors to go potty when you are gone for extended hours? Could your dog benefit from more exercise than you are able to provide? We would love to help you break up your dog’s day with a walk and/or playtime.

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A well exercised Dog is a happy dog

The highest quality of care for your dog

We are 100% committed to providing all our pets with the highest quality of care.  We will give your pets the same love and attention they give to their own pets.

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Roaming the Fields

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Your  Dog Walking Services

Your Dog Walking Services

Our professional dog walking service is tailored to your dog's specific needs and ability. It also gives your dog an enriching sensory experience and allowing them to build their fitness and confidence. Our dog walks can be anything from a slow sniff and smell potty break, to heart thumping exercise or in-between. We will work with whatever your dog is comfortable with. The price is £12 per hour.

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A Dog Walking Service They Deserve

Professional Dog Walking Advice

Walking your dog should be a fun and enjoyable experience here are some top tips to make the walk more enjoyable:

  • Always make sure you and your dog are safe. For example wear reflective clothing at night

  • Don't rush the walk, walking in a slower pace allows the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and lower you and your dog's stress levels

  • Keep dog treats in your bag and reward good behaviour such as staying by your side. 

  • Let us know your pet's favourite treat and training style so when we meet them, we can reward them in a way they're used to.

What else do we offer at Prestige Dog Grooming

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Livery Services

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Pet Sitting

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Pet Grooming

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